I International Internet Competition for Duets, Ensembles and Orchestras “Big Guitar”. 01/10/2020. Gomel. Belarus. (The competition is as part of the International Competition «Renaissance Guitars»).

State institution “City center of culture” Gomel, Belarus.



Goals and objectives: the replenishment of an academic and concert repertoire with modern music. Engaging young people into the arts of playing the classical guitar.

Participants of the contest

Guitarists and collectives from any country and of any age can take part in the competition.

The Order of the Contest

The contest is held on videos posted on the site http://www.youtube.com/ and which are estimated by the international jury. The winners of the competition receive diplomas and the title of laureates or diploma holders of 1, 2, 3 degrees. The rest of the participants are awarded with honorable letters. In diplomas and certificates it is entered the name and surname of the participant as well as the full name of the teacher. Diplomas, honorable letters and gratifying letters are sent in electronic form. A special prize will be a free participation in the International Competition «Renaissance of the Guitar» held on April 11-12, 2020 and in master classes of Igor Shoshyn on improvisation on the guitar in summer of 2020.


Category I. Up to 10 y.o. (inclusive).

Category II. 11-12 y.o. (inclusive).

Category III. 13-15 y.o. (inclusive).

Category IV. 16-20 y.o. (inclusive).

Category V. From 21 y.o. and older.

The age of participants is determined by the date 10.01.2020. In ensembles the category is determined by the oldest participant.

The running time of the program is not limited. It is possible to perform on notes. Addition of the necessary parties in ensembles is also possible.


The guitar duets, ensembles of the guitars, ensembles including the guitar, a teacher and a student (students), orchestra of the guitars (10 or more participants).

Requirements of the Contest

The contest is held in one round, where the contestant performs two pieces. Two pieces compile a competitive applications. The number of competitive applications from one performer or ensemble is not limited.

The Jury: International jury estimates a performing of pieces and chooses the best performers of in each category.

The participants of the contest can make a charitable contribution for the development of the contest in amount of 20 Euro at the national bank rate in currency of their country for each competitive application of any nomination and category. The contribution will be used for the preparation, organization and payment for the work of the jury of the International Contest «Big Guitar» and the International Competition «Renaissance of the Guitar».

The contribution can is made on Western Union.

Contact: shoshin_gomel@mail.ru

Technical requirements:

A competitive performance recorded on video by the participant is uploaded on YouTube. Each piece is recorded in a separate file. The recording should not be interrupted. On the video it should be clear who is performing and what kind of the instrument he (she) is playing. In the title of each video it must be stated the name and surname of the piece’s author, the name of the piece, the name of the contest as well as the name and surname of the performer (the name of the collective), the country and the city he (she) is from (they are from) in English.


Igor Shoshyn, «Blues»,

The Contest «Big Guitar 2020».

Performance by Peter Berg, Belarus, Minsk.

The application for participation in the contest and a link to the video is provided in the table with a copy of the identity document (certificate of birth, passport), and a copy of the payment receipt.

Table of the I International Internet Contest «Big Guitar 2020»

The name and surname of the participant

Date of birth

(the name of the collective and the names of the participants,

date of birth of each participant)



1. Author. The name of the piece.

Link on YouTube

2. Author. The name of the piece.

Link on YouTube

Full name of the teacher,






RESULTS OF THE COMPETITIVE AUDITION WILL BE KNOWN AFTER 20.01.2020. https://shoshynigor.wordpress.com

Art director: Igor Shoshyn.

e-mail shoshin_gomel@mail.ru +375447303882, Viber.